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PointandSee is a FREE simple but fully featured under cursor color picker / finder for displaying the Hex color (web colors), RGB color and CMYK color values. Simplify your web design color choices, speed up you graphic design color selection process.

Screenshot of PointandSee Color Picker in action
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Tip! you can open and run multiple PointandSee colour pickers, each will work independently so you can sample different parts of a screen at the same time.


Tip! works on multi-monitor systems.






PointandSee uses a different approach for color selection. Instead of moving a pointer to find the color, you move the whole of the PointandSee color finder over the color sample that you need to distinguish.


The inbuilt variable magnifyer and X,Y co-ordinate readouts allows you to see in detail your selection and aids to pinpoint the exact color pixels under the finder. The magnification level can be set via the zoom slider.


Colour selections can be saved by using the 'Save Colour' option in the Options menu or by simply double left clicking in the main body of PointandSee.


The colour under the finder is displayed in the Point Colour box, at the same time R,G,B, Hexidecimal and CMYK values for the selected pixel are shown.


One EXE, Portable, no installation required.


PointandSee color picker comprises of just one file, PointandSee.exe (approx 2.3MB). This allows PointandSee to be run from anywhere on your computer or even from a USB memory stick.


Guaranteed no hidden files, adverts, popups or malware.


If you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve PointandSee then please email me info@pointandsee.co.uk


Andy Piddock




PointandSee Color Picker (c) Andy Piddock 2010   Email: info@pointandsee.co.uk

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